Past events at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) – Summer 2014


CUSPP Summer Session
August 2014

The Center for US Politics and Power (CUSPP) at FIIA organized the very first Summer Session on the topic of Nordic-Baltic Security and US Role in the Region after Ukraine in Helsinki and Tallinn in August, 2014.

The aim of the Summer Session was to provide a platform to discuss the topic from different perspectives and it gathered researchers and experts from Europe and the US. The themes included in the programme were US global rebalancing and its impact to the region, transatlantic relations and US politics, dependencies and cooperation (military and trade), regional military cooperation, NATO, cyber and flows, Arctic and the sce¬narios of insecurity. The forthcoming FIIA report on the issue will fur¬ther continue on the themes of the Summer Session.

The Summer Session is part of the agenda of the CUSPP that aims to provide a platform for the research on the US global role and US foreign and domestic policy in Finland and to strengthen CUSPP networks internationally. The Center’s visiting scholar programme not only invites scholars from the US to contribute the research focuses of the Center but also provides possibilities for its own researchers to visit the US.

Eurasian Union project

The EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia Research Programme has conducted a research project on the prospects of Eurasian integration.

The project concluded that the Eurasian Economic Union has, on paper, the potential to transform economic relations in the region and to offer an alternative ot the EU in the post-Soviet space. However, weak institutions and large asym¬metry between member states are continuing to hinder closer ties and the crisis in Ukraine has led to an increasingly hostile international environment. Hence, the union faces an uphill struggle to maintain momentum and deliver the results member states desire.

Kultaranta Talks, 8-9 June 2014, Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA)

The Kultaranta Talks, a foreign policy discussion event, gathered around one hundred foreign policy experts and debaters at the President of the Republic’s summer residence at Kultaranta in Naantali on 8-9 June 2014. Among the main themes were Russia, Europe, cyber security and defence capability. The Kultaranta Talks are aimed at creating a new kind of national debating event based on open and critical consideration of Finnish for­eign and security policy. The Office of the President of the Republic of Finland organised the Talks in cooperation with FIIA.