“Perception of Belarus by Ukrainians”, Press-Release (Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

The vast majority of respondents (80.6%) believes that Belarus is a party to the war against Ukraine. 7.5% of respondents holds the opposite opinion. 

In general, Ukrainian society shows a strong dislike towards Belarus. More than 80% of respondents reported a negative attitude to Belarus (56.3% – fully negative, 24.4% – mainly negative). A positive attitude to Belarus was reported by 12.4% of respondents (3.1% – fully positive, 9.3% – mainly positive).  

Ukrainian citizens reported rejection of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. More than 90% of respondents have a negative attitude to Lukashenka (76.3% – fully negative, 15.9% – mainly negative). 3.3% of those polled reported a positive attitude to that figure (0.5% – fully positive, and 2.8% – mainly positive). 

Two-thirds of the respondents fully (46.7%) or mainly (22.5%) support a complete breach of all relations between Ukraine and Belarus after Ukraine’s victory. 5.4% of respondents do not support a complete breach of relations between Ukraine and Belarus at all, 11.2% tend not to support it. 

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