“Personal comments on the parliamentary elections in Hungary on April 3rd, 2022: The Consequences of Decade-long Systemic Trap”, Andras Inotai (IWE CERS, Hungary)

As confirmed by official sources, the parliamentary elections in Hungary resulted in a two-third majority of the ruling coalition since 2010 (FIDESZ-KDNP). Even the coalition of the opposition parties, the first attempt since 2010, could not change the decade-long (im)balance. Just the opposite, while in 2018 opposition parties separately represented in the elections got 49 per cent of the votes (as against 47 % of FIDESZ-KDNP), in 2022 the united opposition was able to collect 34 per cent of the votes as compared to 51 per cent for the ruling coalition. In addition, a new ultra-right party (Our Homeland) could enter the parliament with more than 6 per cent of the votes. As a result, out of the 198 parliamentary seats 135 will be owned by FIDESZ-KDNP (against 133 in the last cycle), 56 by the opposition parties) against 65 between 2018 and 2022) and 7 by the newcomer party. In sum, the coalition with a two-third majority since 2010 could not only keep its dominant role but could even further strengthen its position.

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