Podcast: An ugly word: rethinking race in Italy and the USA (Sciences Po CEE, France)

Ann Morning is an Associate Professor of Sociology at New York University as well as the Academic Director at 19 Washington Square North, the home of NYU Abu Dhabi in New York. Trained in economics, political science, and international affairs as well as sociology, her research interests include race, demography, and the sociology of science, especially as they pertain to census classification worldwide and to individuals’ concepts of difference. She is the author of The Nature of Race: How Scientists Think and Teach about Human Difference (University of California Press 2011), and co-author of An Ugly Word: Rethinking Race in Italy and the United States (Russell Sage Foundation 2022, with Marcello Maneri). Morning was a 2008-09 Fulbright research fellow at the University of Milan-Bicocca and a Visiting Professor at Sciences Po in 2019. She was a member of the U.S. Census Bureau’s National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Other Populations from 2013 to 2019 and has consulted on racial statistics for the European Commission and the United Nations. Morning holds her B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Yale University, a Master’s of International Affairs from Columbia University, and her Ph.D. in Sociology from Princeton University. She presented her research during the General Seminar of the CEE “an ugly word: rethinking race in Italy and the USA”.

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