“When China catches a cold, the world shudders”, Andrés Ortega (Elcano, Spain)

When China catches a cold, the world shudders Andrés Ortega. 5/2/2019.

When China falters, the world shudders. The current weakness of the Chinese economy is a concern for European economies, as it must be for the US.

‘Quand la Chine s’éveillera, le monde tremblera’ (‘When China awakes, the world will tremble’), said Napoleon Bonaparte. It awoke some time ago and the rest of the world, especially the part that can no longer perhaps be referred to as the West, far from trembling, has sought to benefit from cheap goods and a burgeoning market over the last 30 years. The perception of what a strong China means changed with the advent of the crisis and Donald Trump in the White House. The US and even the European view of China has changed.

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