Policy Dialogue: “Political consequences of Asylum and Migration ‘Crisis’ in the EU and Its Neighborhood”, February 8

TEPSA is co-organising an event with the MAGYC Project! As the number of Mediterranean crossings increase once again, humanitarian crises and emergency measures are back on the frontstage of the European agenda. In many European cities, asylum-seekers continue to spend homeless nights, and the EU migration and asylum agenda has made little progress since the crisis of 2014-2016. Yet, research offers many ways forward for the European migration and asylum agenda, but often remains ignored by policy-makers. Over the past 4 years, the H2020 project MAGYC has focused on Migration Governance and Asylum Crises. It has shown how policy decisions on migration and asylum were often taken in reaction to crises, rather than in anticipation of the changing migration and asylum dynamics. The policy dialogue is a unique opportunity for EU policy-makers to exchange with the team of researchers from EU project MAGYC, which gathers 12 partners from EU and neighboring countries. In particular, this Policy Dialogue event will reflect on evidence-based research in various EU and non-EU countries including Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Horn of Africa as well as Libya and Syria. The dialogue will offer ways forward for the European agenda on migration, as well as reflections on the lessons that can be drawn from the recent influx of Ukrainian refugees.


11:30 Main Findings of MAGYC Research
François Gemenne, Hugo Observatory, University of Liège

12:00 Migration Crisis Governance as Foreign Policy (Short presentation + Q&A)
Hélène Thiollet, Sciences Po and Filip Savatic, Sciences Po
Alice Mesnard, City, University of London
Fiona Adamson, SOAS

12:30 -13:00 LUNCH

13:00 Connecting crises and crisis governance (Short presentation + Q&A)
Meltem Müftüler Bac, Sabancı University
Christiane Fröhlich, GIGA

13:30 Preparing for Protracted and Iterating Crises: From Syrians to Ukranians
(Short presentation + Q&A)
Damien Carême (MEP Greens/EFA)
Lennart Olsson, Lund University
Başak Yavçan, University of Liege

14:15 – 15:00 Debate on Lessons (Not) Learned

Learn more about the MAGYC project here!