“Post-truth and alternative facts in Turkey’s policy concerning Greek-Turkish relations”, Virginia Balafouta (CEIA, Cyprus)

In the current paper, it is argued that Turkey’s policy on Greek-Turkish issues, over time and during Erdoğan’s rule, includes and reflects the concept and function of post-truth and alternative facts. These supported positions are substantiated on the basis of International Law and on the basis of Philosophy. Undoubtedly, International Law sets the framework, indicates and dictates the peaceful settlement of international disputes, including bilateral and multilateral issues. In this paper, through Philosophy, it is attempted to further strengthen the relevant framework of International Law as well as International Law as a whole, aiming to the empowerment of its philosophical foundations, and to the promotion of the philosophical dimensions of Greek-Turkish Relations. Following the proper legal assessment, the suggestion of post-truth and alternative facts’ features at the heart of the policy of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the longstanding Turkish policy on Greek-Turkish issues, highlights the committed violations of International Law.

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