Project “Cooperation for innovative approach in sustainable forest management training (CIA2SFM)”


IRMO is partner on the ERASMUS + project “Cooperation for innovative approach in sustainable forest management training (CIA2SFM)”. The project is coordinated by Croatian Forest Research Institute and involves six other organisations – IRMO, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) from Austria, Austrian Research Center for Forests (BFW), Slovenian Forest Institute, Slovenia Forest Service and Slovenian Institute for Adult Education. The main priorities addressed by this project are increasing labour market relevance of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and fostering access to quality VET. Project’s objectives are to develop innovative curriculum and training materials for VET and lifelong learning  learners in sustainable forest management that is multilingual, use ICT and OER (e-learning) for learning and to implement this pilot programme trans-nationally in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. Project target groups are forestry professionals, especially those young and unemployed, private forest owners who mostly lack knowledge and practical skills in sustainable forest management, forestry entrepreneurs and employees of institutions in charge of protected areas management.

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