Public consultation on streamlining EU funding in the European Arctic

RP LuxoIn the wake of climate change and increasing human activity in the region, the Arctic faces considerable opportunities and challenges. The European Union is actively cooperating in international fora in fields such as Arctic research, safe shipping and reducing chemical pollutants. As the EU’s engagement with partners around the world further develops, the time is ripe for the EU to look at how it could further strengthen its positive impact on the Arctic’s future, notably by acting in a more joined up way in areas and on issues where it has the most impact in terms of its funding capacity – in particular in that part of the Arctic that stretches from Greenland to the Barents region.

This consultation builds on one of the issues identified in the 2012 Joint Communication to the European Parliament and the Council on ‘Developing a European Union policy towards the Arctic region: progress since 2008 and next steps’. This Joint Communication stressed the importance of reinforcing and interlinking the various funding initiatives at the EU’s disposal in order to have a positive impact on the development of the Arctic for the benefit of local communities and indigenous peoples.

The period of consultation is between 02.09.2014 to 01.12.2014. More information is available here.