Public Consultations held by the European Commission

The Green paper on the long-term financing of the European economy, deadline: 25.06.2013RP Luxo

The purpose of this Green Paper is to initiate a broad debate about how to address the complex and pressing challenges related to the long-term financing of the European economy. Responses to consultation questions will contribute to further assessment by the Commission of the barriers to long-term financing, with a view to identifying possible policy actions to overcome them. Possible follow-up could take several forms: for example, in some areas a regulatory approach may be needed, while in other areas the role of the EU level could be in encouraging stronger coordination and the promotion of best practices, or in the form of specific follow-up with individual Member States in the context of the European semester. Click here for more information.

Improving procedures for obtaining short-stay ‘Schengen’ visas, deadline: 17.06.2013.

Among the aims of this review are to ensure that EU visa policy fosters economic growth and cultural exchange by facilitating the process for legitimate travellers to the EU, such as business people, tourists, students and young people, while ensuring a high level of security for the EU Satellite navigation. Click here for more information.

Applications of EU satellite navigation programmes (Galileo and EGNOS), deadline: 14.07.2013.

The objective of this public consultation is to obtain input and a broader range of views on the way the European Commission should maximise and ensure the market uptake of GNSS downstream applications and of the European GNSS downstream applications in particular.Click here for more information.

The 2015 International Climate Change Agreement: Shaping international climate policy beyond 2020, deadline: 26.06.2013.

The purpose of this consultation is to initiate a debate with Member States, EU institutions and stakeholders on how best to shape the international climate regime between 2020 and 2030. Click here for more information.