Public Consultations held by the European Commission

The Union’s humanRP Luxoitarian aid: Fit for purpose?

The purpose of this consultation is to obtain stakeholders’ views on the challenges, objectives and options to enhance the effectiveness and impact of the Union’s humanitarian aid (through operational, policy, organisational or other measures), taking into account the changing global context at the outset of the 21st century. The input gathered will feed into the Commission’s future initiatives on further increasing the impact of the EU’s humanitarian action. Your input will be most welcome by 15 March 2013. More information here.

Public consultation on the protection of business and research know-how

Keeping valuable information secret is often the only or the most effective way that companies have to protect their intellectual property (such as the results of their research and innovation efforts). Although patents play a decisive role in this area, there are limitations as to what can be patented. New business solutions, marketing data and many incremental technological improvements, for example, are not patentable). Concerns regarding the effectiveness of the legal protection against the misappropriation of trade secrets in the Internal Market are already being voiced. Deadline for a contribution: 8 March 2013. More information here.

Consultation on structural options to strengthen the EU Emissions Trading System

Stakeholders and experts in the field of the European carbon market are invited to comment on the structural options and views reflected in the report “The state of the European carbon market in 2012”, which serves as the consultation document. Deadline: 28 February 2013. More information here.

Ensuring Sustainable Development GLobally: EU follow-up to RIO+20

The objective of the consultation is to provide input to the European Commission for the development of specific actions and measures. It will serve as input to a Communication from the Commission on Rio+20 follow-up, planned for the first half of 2013. The consultation is also a complement to the Public Consultation “Towards a post-2015 development framework”. Deadline: 15 January 2013. More information here.