“Public-cooperative housing policies: An international comparative perspective”, Carles Baiges, Mara Ferreri and Lorenzo Vidal (CIDOB, Spain)

In the face of persistent housing problems across the globe, policy debates are increasingly looking to cooperative housing for innovative solutions. This CIDOB Briefings outlines the main legal and policy tools that can shape cooperative housing as an affordable alternative to both market and top-down State provision.  In-spirit with the seminar, “Promoting the Right to Housing at the EU level: challenges and policy proposals,” held at CIDOB in March 2019, which discussed, amongst other issues, the promotion of “limited-profit and non-profit operators and community-driven alternative housing”, this report  draws from a comparative research project of 10 case studies: Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Quebec, Uruguay, Italy (Lazio region) and USA (New York).

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