Publication Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), May 2014

gfx-logoNissen, Christine: ‘ Voting Behavior in the European Parliament 2009-2014: Implications for EU and national Politics’, DIIS Report, the Danish Institute for International Studies, May 2014

To illustrate how big a role the European Parliament plays in shaping EU legislation, and how the political and ideological composition of the European Parliament ultimately decides the direction of the Parliament’s footprint, this report focuses on the European Parliament as an institution and on 15 key votes that shaped Europe in 2009-2014. Moreover, the report presents an in-depth case study of Denmark in the European Parliament, examining how Danish MEPs work in the European Parliament. The report is a part of a larger research project, “European Parliament votes that shaped EU and national political 2009-2014” initiated by VoteWatch Europe and Notre Europe, and done in cooperation with partners in two thirds of the Member States all giving their national analysis of the impact of European policy issues on national politics. Read more.