Publication: Turkey as an Energy Hub? Contributions on Turkey’s Role in EU Energy Supply, Marc Oliver Bettzuge, Mirja Schroder, Wolfgang Wessels

TEPSA’s honorary board member Wolfgang Wessels has published a book together with Marc Oliver Bettzuge and Mirja Schroder on Turkey’s role in the EU’s energy supply.

Guaranteeing energy security is one of the most important challenges for Europe today. Especially since the crises in Ukraine, Europe’s interest in an additional supply line of gas and oil to Europe through Turkey has been growing steadily. In both political and academic discourse the question of whether Turkey can develop into a possible future ‘energy hub’ is a hotly debated issue. The country’s geographical position is a big advantage as more than 70 per cent of the world’s oil and gas reserves are located close by. The country may thus hold a key position in the distribution of oil and gas. Will Turkey, itself almost fully dependent on imports, be capable of becoming an energy hub? This edited volume examines Turkey’s prospects as a possible energy hub and in its role in the EU’s energy security. The contributions it contains reflect geopolitical dynamics and interests, economic trends, and the prevailing perceptions of this issue in Turkey and the European Union.

More information on the book is available here.