Publications Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Spring 2014


EU After the Economic Crisis. The final report of the EU After the Economic Crisis project, which was carried out in cooperation with the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA) and funded Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, has been published. Read the report.

 Books by FIIA researchers

Mika Aaltola, Juha Käpylä & Valtteri Vuorisalo: The Challenge of Global Commons and Flows for US Power: The Perils of Missing the Human Domain, Ashgate 2014.

 FIIA Report

Mika Aaltola, Juha Käpylä, Harri Mikkola, Timo Behr: Towards the Geopolitics of Flows: Implications for Finland.Geopolitics is increasingly defined by the strengthening force of stable and secure global flows of goods, resources, finance, people and … Read more

Juha Jokela, Markku Kotilainen, Teija Tiilikainen, Vesa Vihriälä: EU:n suunta: Kuinka tiivis liitto?

 FIIA Analysis

Heidi Maurer, Kristi Raik: Pioneers of a European Diplomatic System: EU Delegations in Moscow and Washington.Since December 2009, the European Union has been represented abroad by more than 130 delegations … Read more

 Briefing Papers

Sinikukka Saari: Georgia’s Search for the Third Way: Despite a strong westward pull, Georgia attempts to improve its relations with Russia. Russia is not likely to resort to overt political pressure on Georgia in the run-up to Georgia’s signing of the Association Agreement with the EU (27 June), and the …. Read more

Toni Alaranta: The end of the EU project in Turkey? Determinants of Turkey’s EU bid under the AKP regime. Ever since the founding of the Republic in 1923, the idea of making Turkey a European country… Read more

Niklas Helwig: The High Representative 3.0: Taking EU foreign policy to the next level. In autumn 2014, Catherine Ashton’s successor is scheduled to start his term as High Representative of the Union… Read more

 Päivi Leino, Janne Salminen: Beyond the Euro Crisis: European constitutional dilemmas and Treaty amendments. The actual need for Treaty amendments is open to interpretation, for example in relation to the inclusion of the recent euro crisis-related international agreements in EU law… Read more

Jyrki Kallio: Chinese Dream, Others’ Nightmare? Despite superficial similarities, China is not destined to follow Russia’s path to rogue-dom. Although China’s statements about the Ukrainian crisis have been weighed very carefully, there are concerns that China is drawing lessons such as ‘might is right’ and ‘geopolitics is all that matters’ from the crisis. Read more

Katja Creutz: The ICC under Political Pressure: Towards Lowered Expectations of Global Justice. In 2010, the International Criminal Court (ICC) launched investigations into the 2007–2008 post-election violence in Kenya… Read more

 Karl Lallerstedt, Mikael Wigell: Illicit trade flows: how to deal with the neglected economic and security threat.Illicit trade flows generate massive costs for the EU, yet the countermeasures have been inadequate… Read more

Antto Vihma & Harro van Asselt: The Conflict over Aviation Emissions: A Case of Retreating EU Leadership? Notwithstanding the incremental steps taken in October 2013, meaningful action on regulating international aviation emissions through the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) remains a distant prospect… Read more

Working Paper

Tuomas Iso-Markku: Linking Domestic and European Politics: Finnish MEPs and the Votes that Shaped the 7th European Parliament. The members of the European Parliament act in a challenging intermediary position between domestic and European politics. The MEPs represent national parties and are elected nationally. However … Read more

FIIA Comment

Katri Pynnöniemi: Understanding Russia’s actions in Ukraine: The art of improvisation. Understanding Russia in the current crisis calls for a combination of three frames … Read more