Publications from Elcano Royal Institute

Juan A. Sánchez and Juan Pizarro Miranda. How local ideas spread in English: a network analysis of think tanks on Twitter. WP 1/2015 – 22/01/2015. This paper analyses the networks of relations between think tanks in order to better understand their nature and the way they operate in a global reality. This exploratory research makes use of date collected on Twitter.

Assaf Moghadam. The interplay between terrorism, insurgency, and civil war in the Middle East. ARI 4/2015 – 22/1/2015. Terrorist groups are generally distinguished from guerrilla organisations, but this distinction is gradually disappearing as a growing number of terrorist groups adopt guerrilla tactics.

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. Beware of taking the ECB out of the Troika. Expert Comment 4/2015 – 19/1/2015. The Eurozone does not have a democratically legitimised European treasury and the European Central Bank has been forced to fill the gap. The solution cannot be to take the ECB out of the picture without creating a legitimate institution to fulfil that necessary role.

William Chislett. Spain and Greece: the same, yet different. Expert Comment 3/2015 – 19/1/2015. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s visit to Greece has cast a spotlight on the similarities between the two countries. They certainly exist, but so do differences –and to a greater extent–.

Ignacio Molina. Spain in the UN Security Council in 2015-16: views from four different angles. Expert Comment 2/2015 – 19/1/2015. Spain is back on the UN Security Council. The General Assembly’s 193 members recently elected the five non-permanent members for the period 2015-16 and, after three rounds of voting in the European group, Spain came ahead of Turkey.

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. China has to walk economic tightrope. Op-Ed – 9/1/2015. China must relax its domestic finance grip to allow consumers to be driving force of economy.

Ricardo G. Barcelona and Bernardo M. Villegas. Correcting a mutual ignorance: rediscovering the Philippines as a gateway to ASEAN. ARI 3/2015 – 9/1/2015. Philippines and Spain have shared four centuries of colonial experiences and this should have translated into a robust post-colonial relation. Paradoxically, the mutual ignorance of the business communities of the two countries has aggravated Spain’s retreat from the Philippines, culminating in an irrelevant economic relationship.

Raquel Montes Torralba. Belgrade at the crossroads: Serbian-Russian relations in light of the Ukraine crisis. ARI 63/2014 – 22/12/2014. Despite having recently initiated negotiations to join the EU, Serbia has declared itself neutral concerning EU sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis. This paper looks at Serbia’s somewhat ambiguous position between the EU and Russia.

William Chislett. Should the EU suspend Turkey’s accession negotiations? Expert Comment 69/2014 – 17/12/2014. The arrest of Turkish journalists, media executives and even the scriptwriter of a popular television series, ostensibly for ‘forming, leading and being a member of an armed terrorist organisation’, brought a swift rebuke from the European Commission and raised the question of whether Turkey’s EU painfully slow accession negotiations should be suspended.

Secretary of State for European Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Spain). Twenty-three reasons for optimism in Spain. 16/12/2014. Facts on Spanish economy by the Secretary of State for European Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Spain).

Salvador Llaudes, EU-28 WATCH No. 10 / July 2014: Spain. 16/12/2014. This document analyses the euroscepticism and the European Parliament elections in 2014, the EU’s neighbourhood in light of the Ukraine crisis and power relations in the EU from a Spanish perspective.

William Chislett. Can Spain afford the economic programme of Podemos? Expert Comment 67/2014 – 11/12/2014. The anti-establishment leftist party Podemos (‘We Can’) has unveiled its economic plan that is long on spending ideas and short on how to finance them.

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. Is China rebalancing? Yes, but with Chinese characteristics. ARI 59/2014 – 27/11/2014. The Chinese economy is gradually rebalancing, but for the foreseeable future investments (and not private consumption) will continue to be the main drivers of growth.

Haizam Amirah-Fernández. Middle East: alliances in times of turmoil. ARI 57/2014 – 21/11/2014. The Middle East is becoming a region with multiple centres of instability and increasingly complex conflicts.

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. Message to Germany: Do not waste Spain’s reform efforts. Op-Ed – 13/11/2014.  Germany must take an extra step, and reward countries like Spain, in exchange for accepting its disciplinary dictates.

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