Publications from ELCANO

William Chislett. Spanish banks pass UE stress with flying colours. Expert Comment 62/2014 – 27/10/2014. Spanish banks sailed through the latest EU-wide health check, signalling they do not need any more capital.

Miguel Otero Iglesias. Too euro for China: to big to fail and too hard to rescue. ARI 45/2014 – 13/10/2014. The aim of this paper is to understand China´s strategic behaviour towards the European Monetary Union (EMU).

William Chislett. Turkey´s EU accession: trying harder, but still failing. Expert comment 60/2014 – 10/10/2014. The EU´s annual report on Turkey´s accession negotiations, which have advanced at snail´s pace since they were opened nine years ago this month, is like an end-of-term student report card. If an overall grade were to be assigned to Turkey it would be a C, with the comment that the government was trying harder but still had a long way to go to obtain the mark that would enable the country to join the UE.

Antonio Cortiñas. Will the next elections Bosnia and Herzegovina help to solve anything?. ARI 44/2014 – 3/10/2014. On 12 October 2014 Bosnia and Herzegovina will be holding general elections. What can be expected from them? Not much. Neither the people will see their problems solved nor will the European Union achieve any of its objectives for the country.

elcano blog

William Chislett. The distance between Spain´s image and the country´s reality. ARI 43/2014 – 2/10/2014. Spain has come out of recession, but its image abroad remains out of sync of reality.

Félix Arteaga. The European Union´s role in the fight against ISIS. Op-ed – 2/10/2014. Before formulating any response to the ISIS challenge, the European Union must carefully assess the nature of the risk to European security interests.

Andrés Ortega, Globalisation’s re-Americanisation, Elcano blog, 28 October 2014.

Andrés Ortega, Cheaper oil, geopolitical effects, Elcano blog, 21 October 2014.

Andrés Ortega, Can China become a democracy? Elcano blog, 14 October 2014.

Andrés Ortega, Islamic State: terrorism and insurgency, Elcano blog, 7 October 2014.

Andrés Ortega, The other necessary international coalition: against the Ebola epidemic, Elcano blog, 30 September 2014.

Andrés Ortega, To sit and to be on the Security Council, Elcano blog, 23 September 2014.