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Jan Pospisil, Policy Paper 8/13, Auf dem Weg zu einem europäischen Ansatz in der internationalen Krisenbearbeitung? Anmerkungen zum „Action Plan for Resilience in Crisis Prone Countries, 2013-2020“

Policy paper 2/2013


oiip booksADD-ON 13/14 Jahrbuch/Yearbook Global Shifts and Europe
Viennese Contributions to International Affairs
The 3rd edition of the 2011 initiated yearbook series of the Austrian Institute for International Affairs – oiip focuses on “Global Shifts and Europe”. Due to the massive shifts inside the European Union as well as on the global level, the EU has to face diverse challenges. These global changes are encountered by an increasing number of instruments of the EU for designing its international relationships – in its regional neighbourhood policy as well as in the global context. Therefore, the EU is required to address the challenges in different ways and on different levels. ADD-ON 13/14 provides critical analyses of these efforts. It draws on works of members of the oiip as well as on contributions of researchers close to the institute. The articles discuss from different angles the tectonic changes in international relations, their repercussions and the challenges for the EU as well as the activities connected therewith. Emphasis is put on four aspects in particular: the first two papers deal with the question of a “Grand Strategy” for the EU’s external relations. Subsequently, the focus is put on specific policy fields and regions highly relevant to the EU’s security and foreign policy. Finally, two contributions highlight the repercussions of external relations on internal issues of the EU. You can download the book in pdf here.

oiip books2Alexander Klimburg und Jan Pospisil, 10/13 Mediating Security
Comprehensive Approaches to an Ambiguous Subject – Festschrift für Otmar Höll
Heinz Gärtner, Internationale Sicherheit. Band 10.
In over four decades of scientific exploration, Otmar Höll has approached international security from often unorthodox and unconventional perspectives. Starting with the issues of development and environmental policy, the challenge of a more comprehensive notion of security increasingly becomes a primary focus. Otmar Höll accepted this challenge and sought to combine it with his interests in the theory of political psychology, the practice of psychotherapeutic and mediated approaches to conflict resolution.
Comprehensive security therefore became a concept with a particular personal relevance. The Festschrift highlights Otmar Höll’s professional achievement through the contribution of friends, companions and colleagues.
With contributions from Heinz Gärtner, Alexander Klimburg/Jan Pospisil, Sanja Tisma/Marina Funduk, Kunibert Raffer, Barbara Rohregger, Arno Truger, Pertti Joenniemi, Anton Pelinka, Wilfried Graf/Gudrun Kramer/Augustin Nicolescou, Herbert C. Kelman, A.J.R. Groom, Gudrun Harrer, Blerim Reka/Ylber Sela and Howard J. Wiarda. You can download the book here in pdf.

Hakan Akbulut, 10/13 Zur Normalisierung in den zivil-militärischen Beziehungen in der Türkei
Die Türkei im Wandel. Innen- und außenpolitische Dynamiken (= Jenaer Beiträge zur Politikwissenschaft, 16) Hrsg. Olaf Leiße erschienen in: Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2013. You can download the book here.

Working papers

Working Paper 71 von Vedran Dzihic (vorläufig)  Bilanz und Zukunft des Westbalkans: Ungelöste Grenz- und Minoritätsfragen im Kontext der EU-Beitrittsbemühungen September 2013

Working Paper 72 by Heinz Gärtner North Korea, Deterrence and Engagement, October 2013