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LogoRecent publications by the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair



  • How to make the European Neighbourhood Policy fit for purpose, Europe’s World, 25 June 2015.
  • Uncertainty at the EU’s borders: narratives of EU external relations in the revised European Neighborhood Policy towards the southern borderlands, European Security, 2015, Vol. 24.
  • Russia’s foreign policy towards North Africa in the wake of the Arab Spring, in: Mediterranean Politics, Vol. 20(1), 2015, pp. 97-104 (with Cristian NITOIU).
  • The EU and Democracy Promotion: Readjusting to the Arab Spring, in: Larbi SADIKI (ed.), The Routledge Handbook on the Arab Spring, Oxon, Routledge, 2014, pp. 559-573.
  • Nahost- und Mittelmeerpolitik, in: Werner WEIDENFELD, Wolfgang WESSELS (eds.), Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2014, Baden-Baden, NOMOS, 2014.
  • Ukraine, the west, and the issue of strategic thinking, openDemocracy, 5 March 2014.
  • Letter from Tblisi, openDemocracy, 2 December 2014.
  • The EU, North Africa, and Euro-Maghreb Cooperation. Five Considerations in Light of the Revised European Neighborhood Policy, in: Erzsébet N. RÓZSA and Máté SZALAI (eds.): Raising Awareness – Finding Common Ground: The V4 and the Maghreb, Budapest, HIIA, pp. 7-20, 2014.
  • Nahost- und Mittelmeerpolitik, in: Werner WEIDENFELD, Wolfgang WESSELS (eds.), Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2013, Baden-Baden, NOMOS, pp. 299-306, 2013.

Dimitris BOURIS

  • EU-Palestinian Security Cooperation after Oslo: Enforcing Borders, Interdependence and Existing Power Imbalance”, in Raffaella DEL SARTO (ed.), Fragmented Borders, Interdependence and External Relations: The Israel-Palestine-European Union Triangle, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, pp. 27-45.
  • Peace should be enforced before negotiated: It’s time for a paradigm shift in EU policies towards the Israel-Palestine conflict, Middle East Monitor, 1 April 2015.
  • The Vicious Cycle of Building and Destroying: the 2014 War on Gaza, Mediterranean Politics, 2015.
  • Riding Shotgun: The EU’s Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,Carnegie Middle East Center, 17 September 2014.





  • A New European Social Contract for Ukraine, New Eastern Europe, 26 March 2014.
  • Model, player or instrument for global governance: metaphors in the discourse and practice of EU foreign policy, in: Caterina CARTA and Jean-Frédéric MORIN (eds.), Making Sense of Diversity: EU Foreign Policy through the Lens of Discourse Analysis, Farnham, Ashgate, 2014 (co-authored with Esther BARBÉ, Anna HERRANZ-SURRALLÉS).
  • EU Policies in the Eastern Neighbourhood: The practices approach, London, Routledge, 2014 (co-edited with Elena A. KOROSTELEVA and Licínia SIMÃO).
  • Relaciones de la Unión Europea con los vecinos, in: Esther BARBÉ (ed.), Unión Europea en las Relaciones Internacionales, Madrid, Tecnos, 2014.

Cristian NITOIU



Recent publications by the European Civilization Chair



  • The King and Republick of Poland’ in the Correspondence of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, in: Jakub BASISTA, Adam KAZMIERCZYK, Mariusz MARKIEWICZ, Dominika OLIWA (eds.), Miscellanea res Polonorum, Brittanorum ac Judaeorum illustrantia, Kraków: Historia Iagiellonica, 2015, ISBN 978-83-650-8003-5, pp. 211-18.
  • Trzeba rozszerzyć, a nie zawęzić wolność wypowiedzi [You need to expand, not restrict freedom of expression], Gazeta Wyborcza, 11 January 2015.
  • Before and After Suppression: Jesuits and Former Jesuits in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, c. 1750-1795, in: Robert A. MARYKS and Jonathan WRIGHT (eds.), Jesuit Survival and Restoration: A Global History, 1773-1900, Leiden and Boston, MA: Brill, 2015, ISBN 9789004282384, pp. 51-66.
  • Europe’s Wealth of Civic Traditions: The Case of Polish-Lithuanian Republicanism, Natolin campus.
  • Jews in the Discourses of the Polish Enlightenment, Polin. Studies in Polish Jewry, vol. 27, 2015, pp. 45-62.
  • A Dialogue of Republicanism and Liberalism. Regarding Anna Grześkowiak–Krwawicz’s Book on the Idea of Liberty, Kwartalnik Historyczny, vol. 121, 2014, English online edition, pp. 139-58.
  • Między oświeceniem a katolicyzmem, czyli o katolickim oświeceniu i oświeconym katolicyzmie[Between Enlightenment and Catholicism: On Catholic Enlightenment and Enlightened Catholicism], Wiek Oświecenia, vol. 30, 2014, pp. 11-55.
  • O postawie prymasa Michała Jerzego Poniatowskiego wobec targowicy raz jeszcze [Once again on the stance towards Targowica of Primate Michał Jerzy Poniatowski], in Dorota DUKWICZ, Urszula KOSIŃSKA and Adam DANILCZYK (eds.), W cieniu wojen i rozbiorów. Studia z dziejów Rzeczypospolitej XVIII i początku XIX wieku [In the shadow of wars and partitions: Studies from the history of the Commonwealth in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century], Warsaw: Neriton, 2014, pp. 429-48.

Quincy R. CLOET