Publications from the Elcano Royal Institute, April-June 2015

Logo ElcanoFederico Steinberg, Reforming the euro to win back the people. Expert Comment 24/2015 – 15/06/2015. The good results of eurosceptic parties in the latest elections do not imply an antieuropean sentiment, as the Eurobarometer show. The EU must undertake reforms that stabilise the economy and tackle inequality in the Member States to win back the trust of its citizens.

Gloria García, Japanese cultural values in business relationships, ARI 29/2015 –12/06/2015. This ARI is based on broader research conducted by the author in Japan as a Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Tokyo. Its aim is to explain in depth the importance of understanding Japanese cultural values in establishing and developing business relationships with Japanese organisations.

Charles Powell, The long road to Europe: Spain and the European Community, 1957-1986. Working Paper 9/2015 – 11/06/2015. This article seeks to commemorate thirty years of Spanish membership of the European Union by providing an account of the evolution of the country’s relationship with the European integration process from its origins to the moment of accession in 1986.

Ilke Toygür, The ‘New Turkey’ that was not in Erdogan’s plans: the aftermath of the critical June 2015 elections. Expert Comment 41/2015 – 10/06/2015. A significant point of the latest Turkey parliamentary elections is that Recep Tayyip Erdogan will not have enough support in Parliament to change the Constitution and the regime, at least for the time being.

William Chislett, Anti-establishment parties make big gains in Spain’s elections, Expert comment 36/2015 – 25/5/2015. Spain’s took a beating in municipal and regional elections where the upstart parties, Podemos and Ciudadanos, made big inroads into the ruling conservative Popular Party (PP) and the Socialists (PSOE), which between them have dominated political life for more than 30 years.

Miguel Otero-Iglesias, A united Europe is closed than you think, Op-Ed- 25/5/2015. In spite of what seems to be a strong consensus among pundits that political union in Europe is a pipe dream, data from the Eurobarometer suggest that Europeans want more, not less, integration.

Ana Ballesteros-Peiró, The EU-Pakistan relationship: looking beyond the trading partnership, ARI 26/2015 – 14/5/2015. The EU is Pakistan’s leading trading partner, although this has not translated into political influence. A new policy aims to enhance the traditional relationship between the two partners.

Federico Steinberg & Mattias Vermeire, The limits to German power in the Eurozone, ARI 25/2015 – 11/5/2015. Although Germany appears to be an uncontested hegemonic power in the post-crisis Eurozone, its power is more limited than is commonly understood.

Rubén Campo, Spain’s current  standing in India: its image and political relations, WP 5/2015 (English version) – 30/4/2015. The aim of this working paper is to present a series of proposals to improve Spain’s image in India and cement a new era in bilateral political relations.