Publications from the Institute for European Studies, University of Malta

The Institute is pleased to announce the publication of two new papers in the ‘A Decade of EU Membership’ series exploring the first ten years of Malta’s membership of the EU.

The first paper published is entitled The Europeanisation of Maltese Interest Groups: A Comparative Study After the First Decade of EU Membership and is written by Dr Mario Thomas Vassallo.

The author analyses the changes Maltese interest groups have experienced in the last decade in areas such as attitudes towards the EU, participation in EU circles, EU funding, socialisation, lobbying and normative change.

The second paper is entitled Sectoral Impact: An Insight into How the Maltese Dairy Sector Adapted to EU Membership, written by  Dr Philip von Brockdorff and Gaetano Buttigieg.

The authors discuss  the state of the Maltese dairy sector prior to and following Malta’s accession to the EU and how this sector has had to adapt to the new realities of membership.

Other papers in the series can be accessed by following the link: