Publications from the Institute of International Affairs, Iceland

Textbook on European Studies published early this fall

The IIA is putting the finishing touches on a textbook on European integration that will be published early this fall. The book is primarily written for senior high-school students and undergraduates, but will also be made accessible to all those that wish to learn more about European integration and read up on Iceland’s many-sided relations with Europe since the integration process started. This is the first book of its kind in Icelandic and addresses a shortage of teaching material in Icelandic on the European integration.

 The book will focus on European integration and explain how the European Union works, its policies and also its relevance for the development of European societies in the 20th century. Furthermore, it will give special attention to Iceland’s relations with the EU as an EEA and Schengen member, and also as a small state in Europe. Whether Iceland joins the EU or not the country is, and continues to be, highly integrated into the European project. Consequently, it is important to promote knowledge of the European integration process – its history, structure and premises – in order to enhance knowledge and understanding of this important partner of Iceland.

Small state briefs – short analytical papers focusing on small states

Last year the Centre for Small State Studies (CSSS) at the University of Iceland launched a publication series – called Small state briefs – in which contemporary academic research concerning small states is introduced in a succinct and coherent manner. This research consortium publishes short analytical papers on contemporary issues aimed at journalists, bureaucrats, embassy staff and all those interested in learning about new research in the field of small state studies. The CSSS was awarded a Centre of Excellence grant from the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme in 2013 and has thus become a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. With regard to the grant, the Centre aims at strengthening interdisciplinary research concerning small states and their role in international society.

This June the CSSS’ sixth Small state brief was published. In this publication Urban Jaksa writes about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in a brief called South Caucasus: Nagorno-Karabakh Between a Contested Territory and a Small State. Urban is currently a PhD student at the University of York. His first association with the CSSS was when he attended the Small state summer school in 2013. All small state briefs can be accessed on the CSSS’ website at: under publications.