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1) A Study on Iceland´s EU Accession Process
In November 2013 the Confederation of Trade Unions in Iceland, the Icelandic Federation of Trade, the Confederation of Icelandic Employers and the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce entrusted the Institute with the editing and supervision of a study on Iceland´s EU accession process. The goal of the study is to evaluate the accession process and distinguish matters of opinion as well as the possibilities at hand. The EU´s development since the accession process began will also be analysed, with a special emphasis on cooperation on currency affairs. Finally the EEA agreement will be studied, with an emphasis on the possibilities it provides as well as its limitations.

2) New publications on Arctic Governance: The Case for Arctic Governance and Understanding the Arctic Council: a ‘Sub-Regional’ Perspective
CAPS has published a new Occasional paper by Helga Haftendorn that offers a comprehensive introduction to features of Arctic governance including the framework for potential new commercial activity. CAPS has also published an Occasional paper by Alyson Bailes called Understanding the Arctic Council: a ‘Sub-Regional’ Perspective. Both papers can be accessed on the CAPS website (