Publications from the Institute of International Relations, Prague

Michal Kořan et al., Czech Foreign Policy in 2013: Analysis, IIR Prague

This annual analysis is a part of a project of the Institute of International Relations, which, ever since 2007, aims to provide deep and thorough analyses of the Czech foreign policy. Every year the team of authors works with a single unifying framework in order to publish a comprehensive, coherent and multiperspective book that provides an insight into the Czech foreign policy. It consists of a focus on the political and conceptual background of the Czech foreign policy, and on the main agenda and the main actors carrying out this agenda, and it also looks into the media and public context of the foreign policy.

Gilles Lepesant, Fostering the Catching-Up Process of Central Europe: The Need for an Innovation-Oriented Cohesion Policy, IIR Policy Paper, June 2015

The future of the so far successful growth model of Central European economies, based on low-to-medium technology sectors, is under threat. The Central European countries have not undertaken sufficient reforms in the area of innovation, education and the labour market. The EU should commit to a stronger conditionality regarding the Cohesion Policy funds to provide a stronger incentive to beneficiary countries that need to enforce reforms and put into effect a better coordination between regional and sectoral policies of the EU. The reforms in the Member States should encompass business support structures together with education institutions to ensure that research incubators have meaningful impact on the competitiveness of their businesses. Those are the starting points of the new policy paper by Gilles Lepesant, Senior Researcher at CNRS (the National Centre for Scientific Research). He is also affiliated with Géographie-Cités (Paris) and CERI (Sciences-Po/CNRS).