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LOGO_UMVPetr Kratochvíl, Von Falken und Russlandfreunden, Zeitschrift Osteuropa, Heft 9-10/2014

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Centre for European Security of the IIR, European Security Spotlight, Centre for European Security of the Institute of International Relations on-line series

We would like to introduce to you the recently launched publication series from the new Centre for European Security (CES) of the Institute of International Relations Prague. The European Security Spotlight series offers timely, concise, policy-oriented insights into European security affairs. Its regular analyses zoom in on events of major significance, assess their strategic implications, and offer policy guidance to relevant decision-makers in the Czech Republic, Central Europe, and the EU as a whole. Drawing on the academic expertise of IIR fellows and affiliated scholars, the purpose of the series is to provide additional context and analytical depth to help readers make sense of the fast-changing security landscape in Europe and its neighbourhood. The first six Spotlights can be found on our website: ‘Lebanon – Resilient for Now’ and ‘The Risks of (Anti-)Muslim Radicalism’ by Jan Daniel; ‘A Fragile Vote for Europe’ and ‘Syriza: A Greek Trojan Horse’ by Michal Simecka; and ‘All in the Same Boat’ and ‘From Vicious to Virtuous: Transforming the Ukraine Crisis’ by Benjamin Tallis. – link to CES page from where all ESS can be downloaded. ‘Lebanon – Resilient for Now’ ‘The Risks of (Anti-)Muslim Radicalism’ ‘A Fragile Vote for Europe’ Syriza: A Greek Trojan Horse? From Vicious to Virtuous: Transforming the Ukraine Crisis ‘All in the Same Boat’




Ondřej Horký-Hlucháň, Transition Experience 2.0, IIR Policy Paper, December 2014

After twenty-five years of independent foreign policy making, the Central European countries must rethink their post-communist experience. The Transition Experience 2.0 narrative links the relatively successful development of the region not only to the political rights gained after 1989 but also to the social rights inherited from the socialist era.