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UI’s Mark Rhinard, Björn Fägersten and Roderick Parkes write about the Paris attacks and how it highlights two specific roles for the EU: border security and social integration. Read “Is Paris a Brussels problem? The EU’s role in preventing attacks by radicals.”

Mathew Burrows, director of the Atlantic Council’s Strategic Foresight Initiative, states in his article “The Big Question for 2015: What Kind of World Are We Headed For?”: “it will remain an uphill struggle to contain the growing instability, particularly in the Middle East, and the temptation by many powers – including in the West – to go it alone, intent solely on protecting their own interests.” Burrows spoke at the UI event The World of 2030.

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Roderick Parkes, European Union and the Geopolitics of Migration, UI Paper no. 1, February 2015.

Victoria Vasilenko, Russia’s non-military foreign policy instruments in its ‘near abroad’ in the Polish expert discourse. UI Paper no. 9, December 2014.

Gregory Simons, Putin’s international supporters. UI Brief no. 3, December 2014.

Frida Olsson Avereyireh, Corporate Social Responsibility 2014. Business as usual? UI Brief no. 2, December 2014.

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