Publications Institute of International Relations (IIR), Prague, May 2014

Czech-republic  Ondrej Ditrych, Karabakh’s Twenty Years Crisis: The EU Should Do More,     policy paper, the Institute of International Relations, 21.5.2014.

Karabakh’s Twenty Years Crisis: The EU Should Do More is a new policy paper by Ondřej Ditrych. Twenty years have passed since the armistice in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict was concluded. The EU, while designing an ambitious agenda to create a ring of peaceful and prosperous states in its neighbourhood, has so far eschewed more direct engagement in this matter. This policy paper argues that it should eschew it no longer, and outlines how it can do so without an excessive commitment on its part. Read more.

Petr Kratochvíl, Tomáš Doležal, The Ideational Clinch of the Roman Catholic Church and the EU: The Europeanization of the Catholic Clergy’s Discourse?, article, Journal of Language and Politics, 22 May 2014.

This article by Petr Kratochvíl and Tomáš Doležal was published in the impacted Journal of Language and Politics. The article explores the so far largely ignored question of the political relations between the European Union and the Roman Catholic Church. It analyses the deeper mutual ideational influences of the two entities, asking whether there has been a convergence of views about several basic political notions between the Church and the EU. Read more.