“Pushing the Turbo Button: What Next for the Polish-Romanian Strategic Partnership“, publication from PISM and European Institute of Romania

logo_pismThe Policy Paper “Pushing the Turbo Button: What Next for the Polish–Romanian Strategic Partnership?” was elaborated and published in partnership with the Polish Institute of International Affairs, being signed by Łukasz Kulesa, Agnes Nicolescu, Stanislav Secrieru and Anita Sobják.

291150With the global economic downturn and its implications for the broader political and security architecture of the EU, the Polish–Romanian Strategic Partnership signed in 2009 is now ripe to take the positive relationship to a new level and to be further fleshed out. To this end, political coordination needs to be upgraded for promoting common interests, such as economic stability and solidarity within the Union, continued support to agriculture and cohesion policy as an important priority for EU funding, increasing the energy security of the region, engaging the neighbourhood, particularly Moldova and Ukraine, and maintaining the relevance of CSDP and of article 5 of the Washington Treaty high on the European agenda. The management of instability and protracted conflicts in their neighbourhood are also among their shared concerns. Translating these common priorities into concrete actions should aim at pushing the “turbo button” of the partnership, and help both countries achieve their goals.

The paper is a result of the cooperation between the Polish Institute of International Affairs and the European Institute of Romania and was written as a follow-up to the conference “Romanian-Polish Strategic Partnership: Sharing Mutual Visions” organized in Bucharest on 11 September 2013.

The paper can be downloaded here.