Radan Kanev on EU Migration Policy | EP4U Interviews

How has European Union migration policy evolved since the refugee crisis and the effects it had on internal EU politics? Is the New Pact on Migration and Asylum enough to fulfill Europe’s requirement for a common and workable approach to the migration issue?

In the framework of the EP4U project, TEPSA has invited Radan Kanev, MEP from the EPP group in the European Parliament to talk about his reaction to EU migration policy. Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, TEPSA Project Officer Tanguy Babled asked questions provided by Evelina Staykova, the Head of the Department of Political Sciences at New Bulgarian University, a leading expert on migration policy. This interview was recorded in full respect of existing COVID rules.

In this video they discuss migration as a fact of life, and focus on the need to move away from a context in which such a thorny issue is able to be used by populists on both sides of the aisle. MEP Kanev advocates for a new approach to migration policy, both at the policy level as well as at the discursive level: “I do not like talking about ‘migration’ with a big ‘M'”, he said. This and much more is discussed in the latest EP4U Interview.