RADAR Youth Lab Kraków: Disinformation on LGBTQIA+ persons | Deadline September 30

We live amongst information chaos. Everyday we are bombarded with news whose veracity and credibility may be difficult to assess. New media have brought an unprecedented experience of being exposed to a permanent stream of news. But at the same time they have been used to spread fallacies, conspiracy theories and politically biased portrayals. Populist politics, which gains popularity in numerous countries, seems to thrive off this chaos. Some claim that we have entered the era of ‘post-truth’, in which verification is no longer possible. It seems that whoever wins in producing their own narrative on the world, prevails.

Against such a view we aim to defend the truth, verification of facts and descriptions. The RADAR project together with its partner institution, the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, offers an event that aims to train participants in recognising and fighting disinformation. It will be focused on disinformation targeting LGBTQIA+ people and communities, who are particularly affected by politically steered biases and misportrayals.


The session will consist of two parts, for which participants sign up independently.

  • Public debate: 5-6 experts will present and discuss the main features of disinformation, ways of identifying and combating it, as well as specificity of disinformation targeting LGBTQIA+ people. The audience (100-150 people) will have the opportunity to ask questions and get involved in discussion. The debate will take approx. 2-2.5 hours.
  • Youth lab: This part, envisaged for 25-30 people, will have a workshop format. Participants will work with two qualified trainers in order to train identification of disinformation on LGBTQIA+ persons and find possible solutions for it. 

From participants of the Youth Lab two persons will be designated Youth Ambassadors, who will take part in the project-funded closing event in Brussels (1-2 February 2024). Youth Ambassadors from 5 countries will gather together with other young Europeans to discuss and compare the different countries’ perspectives and come up with a joint set of recommendations for EU policy-makers. They will have the chance to present youth recommendations to relevant EU interlocutors.


The project is addressed at people of age 18-30, residing in any EU country, regardless of their nationality, and educational or professional status.

Applicants may sign up for the public debate and/or the youth lab. Qualification will be made on the basis of their CVs and motivation letters, with due diligence to gender and national balance.


The participation in either event is free. The organisers offer catering. There is a limited possibility of covering travel/accommodation costs. If you wish to apply for this reimbursement, please specify that in the motivation letter.


Please register here and send your CV (including place of residence) & Motivation letter (including information on which of the event(s) you wish to participate & specifying reasons why you want to participate) to the following address: radarproject[at]uj.edu.pl.

If you have any questions, please write to the following address: radarproject[at]uj.edu.pl.

The deadline for applications is 30 September 2023. The applicants will be informed on admittance on an ongoing basis.