Past events at the Institute for World Economics, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies – Hungarian Academy of Sciences (IWE-HAS) – Summer 2016


Events, conferences and presentations


19-22 April 2016, Moscow – Russia

“Challenging the Theories: An Analysis of Russian FDI in the Visegrad Countries”.

National Research University “Higher School of Economics”

Csaba Weiner’s lecture at the conference „XVII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development”

20-21 April 2016, Barcelona – Spain

Erzsébet N. Rózsa took part in the EuroMeSCo (Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission) workshop on the yearly questionnaire / Migration survey

22 April 2016,      Paris – France

Erzsébet N. Rózsa participated at the yearly conference of EU ISS (European Union Institute for Security Studies)

25 April 2016,      Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade – Budapest

Judit Ricz among the members of the round table ’Brazil in a political and economic crisis’

26 April 2016,      Foundation on Political History – Budapest

András Inotai’s lecture on “The European Union in the global environment of the 21st century” (In Hungarian)

4 May 2016,        Headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Budapest

Conference in the memory of József Bognár, internationally acknowledged and respected economist-director of the World Economy Institute

5 May 2016         Barcelona – Spain

H2020 – MENARA Conference – “Middle East and North Africa Regional Architecture: mapping geopolitical shifts, regional order and domestic transformations” – with the participation of Erzsébet N. Rózsa

Own webpage under construction but soon to start – chapter on global order with Máté Szalai and Pol Morillas

5 May 2016,        IWE CERS HAS – Budapest

Closing event of the research “V4 Goes Global: Exploring opportunities in V4 cooperation with BASIC emerging powers”. Ágnes Szunomár’s presentation can be reached from here:

Details of the research in here.

5 May 2016,        Confutius Institute of Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences – Budapest

“Silk road economic belt – connecting China with Central and Eastern Europe – was the title of Ágnes Szunomár’s presentation at the conference ‘China – In the mirror of global challenges’

12 May 2016,      CEU – Budapest

Gábor Túry was member of the panel ’Visegrad within: Future priorities for the regional cooperation’ of the conferenceVisegrad at 25: The future of the Central European regional cooperation’

18 May 2016,      National University of Public Service – Budapest

Erzsébet N. Rózsa was member of the panel ’State and economic security in the transforming Middle East: The aftermath of the Arab uprisings at the Foreign Security Policy Conference

18-20 May 2016, Katowice – Poland

Ágnes Szunomár took part at the European Economic Congress as member of “The Visegrád group in the global arena. Prospects of development of relations with the emerging markets” panel.

19-20 May 2016,  Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics, Department of European Integration – Czechia

Miklós Somai took part at the 3rd scientific ’International Conference on European Integration 2016’ (ICEI 2016), focusing on the Changing role of the state in Slovenian economy: privatisation under European and international pressure. See details under Latest publications IWE.

(Session 2.B – Economic and Monetary Aspects of European Integration)

19-21 May 2016,  Regensburg – Germany

András Inotai participated at the “New perspectives on the economic history of Central, East and South-East Europe” (Institute for East and Southeast European studies and University of York, Regensburg)

22 May 2016,      Hungarian World Meeting – Budapest

Erzséber N. Rózsa was among the members of the round-table meeting ’Migration nowadays’          

23 May 2016,      IWE CERS HAS – Budapest

’The next 25 years in the world’ – lecture by Mihály Simai

23 May 2016,      Club of Europe monthly seminar – Budapest

EU-Ukraine relations, with special emphasis on economy – by Péter Balás, former deputy director general of DG Trade, European Commission)

24 May, 2016      Hungarian Economic Summit – Budapest

András Inotai’s lecture on “The world economy in 2025” (in Hungarian) and follow-up discussion on the use of EU transfers in Hungary

26 May 2016,      Kyoto – Japan

Katalin Völgyi staying in Japan with a long term scholarschip took part in Amitav Acharya’s lecture on ‘Asian security orders: Hegemony, balancing or security pluralism?’ at Ritsumeikan University, Kinugasa Campus

26 May 2016,      by the visit to Budapest of the “Honors”- Academy University Regensburg

lecture by András Inotai on the “Economic and socio-political development of Hungary after the global crisis of 2008, with special reference on EU-Hungarian relations” (in German)

26-31 May 2016,  New York – USA

Tamás Novák took part in the XXXIV. LASA Conference (Latin American Studies Association)

30 May 2016,      IWE CERS HAS – Budapest

 – lecture by Károly Fazekas, director of CERS HAS (In Hungarian)

30 May – 1 June 2016, Doha – UCLA and the Foreign Ministry of Qatar

Erzsébet N. Rózsa represented our institute at the conference ’Enriching the Middle East economic future’

31 May 2016,      Brussels – Belgium

 András Inotai at the Progressive Economy (S+D Group in the European Parliament), Brussels, Scientific Council meeting on “Current and future challenges of the European Union”. Connected to the conference evaluation of four papers on “Reforming the Economic and Monetary Union” for the award ceremony on May 31.

2 June 2016,       IWE CERS HAS – Budapest

’Why global depression do not come to an end?’ – presentation by Péter Farkas   in the Workshop Series of our institute (In Hungarian)


2-3 June 2016,     Bratislava – Slovakia

András Inotai (former director, prof. emeritus), Miklós Szanyi (director), Andrea Éltető (director of EU research group) from the Institute of World Economics, CERS HAS participated at the TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference

András Inotai’s lecture on the “New factors of global competitiveness and the EU”

3 June 2016,       Bratislava – Slovakia

Sándor Meisel and Ágnes Orosz participated at the Hidden Triggers project conference, the title of which was ‘How to increase integration chances of Ukraine

3 June 2016,       Tongji University – Shanghai, China

“One belt one road – Connecting China with Central and Eastern Europe” – title of Ágnes Szunomár’s presentation at the conference ‘One Belt, One Road: Belted Road to the Better Future’

10–13 June 2016, Macao University – Macao

Workshop on the Contemporary relations between China and the Central and Eastern European Countries’ – our institute was represented by Ágnes Szunomár.

13 June 2016,      IWE CERS HAS – Budapest

‘On the relationship between trade agreements and institutional and political factors’

within the frames of Economics with policy – international seminar series
Laura Márquez Ramos (Departament d’Economia – Universitat Jaume I) On the relationship between trade agreements and institutional and political factors

14 June 2016,      Club of Europe monthly seminar – Budapest

“National sovereignity” in the global framework of the 21st century – roundtable discussion with historical, psychological, political, social and economic approach with András Inotai and leading Hungarian experts

21 June 2016,      Minsk – Project Findings Introductory Panel – Mapping out vulnerable sectors in the Eastern Partnership countries – head of the research group: András Deák

23 June 2016,      Kiev – Final Findings Conference

For more information please see the website.

30 June 2016,      IWE CERS HAS – Budapest

Economic integration of East Asia from Japanese point of view’. Lecture by Katalin Völgyi our colleague, winner of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) post doc. scholarship.

18 July 2016,       Hainan – Haikou

EU-China Forum on “China, Europe and economic transformation: prospects and opportunities”

 Ágnes Szunomár was the lecturer of the panel “Transformation through trade and investment”

26-28 July 2016, Macerata University – Italy

10th China Goes Global ConferenceÁgnes Szunomár took part in the panel “Chinese investment in Europe: Implications for employment relations and industrial policies” the title of her lecture was “Chinese FDI in Central and Eastern Europe: The case of Huawei”.

4 August 2016,    IWE CERS HAS – Budapest

The effects of exchange rate regime choice on macroeconomic policies – a comparison of three periphery regions’ Lecture by Norbert Szijártó (In Hungarian)

16-19 Aug. 2016 Cambridge – England

Gulf Research Meeting / Conference” – title of the workshop: Collective Security in the Gulf:  Prospects for Pan-Gulf Cooperation.

Paper title of Erzsébet N. Rózsa: Cold War modalities – do they have a chance in the Gulf? (to be published)

26-27 Aug. 2016, Telciu-Bistrița, Bistrița-Năsăud County – Romania

Rurality, Modernity and (De)Coloniality: Unmaking the Legacies of Empire from Below – international conference in Telciu-Bistrița, Bistrița-Năsăud County, Romania

Lecture on ’What Role for Eastern European Rural Areas in The International Division of Labor?’ by Tamás Gerőcs (together with Cecília Kovai Institute for Regional Studies CERS HAS and András Vígvári Institute for Siciology, Centre for Social Sciences HAS)

1 Sept. 2016,      IWE CERS HAS – Budapest

The aspects of creation of oeco-social market economy in Hungary and in the European Union’. Lecture by István Kőrösi senior research fellow. (In Hungarian)

7-9 Sept. 2016,    School of Economics & Management – University of Lisbon

7th Annual Conference in Political Economy

Title of Annamária Artner’s lectureRole of Central and Eastern Europe in global accumulation of capital’. Judit Ricz spoke about ‘The rise and fall of the new developmental state in Brazil’.


8-9 Sept. 2016,    Rovinj – Croatia

ENTRENOVA 2016 – ENTerprise Research InNOVAtion Conference

Andrea Szalavetz speaker : “Intangible investment at multinational corporations’ manufacturing subsidiaries: do they promote innovation-based upgrading?”

8-10 Sept. 2016   Regensburg – Germany

14th Conference of EACES (European Association for Comparative Economic Studies)

Andrea Éltető, Katalin Antalóczy: Post-crisis foreign trade policies on the periphery of the European Union – comparison of the Iberian, Baltic and Central European region
Ágnes OroszThe evolution of the East Central European welfare state regime

Miklós SzanyiThe FDI-led development model revisited? The case of Hungary


Norbert SzijártóThree periphery regions of the Europe Union and the optimum currency area theory

Ágnes SzunomárAgnieszka McCaleb: Emerging multi-nationals in emerging Europe: Huawei in Central and Eastern Europe. A case study on Huawei’s operations in Hungary and Poland


Official website of the conference.

16 Sept. 2016      London – England

Association of South East Asian Studies in the UK (ASEASUK)’ conference organized by the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies

Ágnes Szunomár:  “The Role of Foreign Trade and Investment in Transition – Application of East Central European Experiences to Myanmar” (paper prepared together with Ágnes Orosz). Website of the conference:   Program available here.