Recent publication from the Institute für Europäische Politik

Integration coverIssue 2/2014 of ‘integration’ publishedIn the new issue, Mathias Jopp and Daniel Göler provide a first assessment of the results of the European elections and Katrin Böttger draws first conclusions from the performance of the EU in the Ukraine crisis and makes suggestions for reforming the European Neighbourhood Policy. Two other articles are devoted to the Presidencies of the Council of the EU: Gianni Bonvicini and Ferdinando Nelli Feroci analyse the list of priorities Italy has set on the most important issues of its Presidency; Ramūnas Vilpišauskas and Bruno Vandecasteele assess the first Lithuanian EU Presidency as a successful and effective one. Thomas Winzen und Frank Schimmelfennig present the results of their investigation into the causes of differentiated integration. And finally, José Manuel Durão Barroso discusses the current EU situation and outlines the most important tasks for its future.

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