Recent publications by the Finnish Institute on International Relations


Briefing Paper

Climate Security: Strategy or Necessity for Finland?

Emma Hakala



The EU’s Security and Defence Policy: Will the new strategy bear fruit?

Teija Tiilikainen


Europe’s New Defence Agenda: Major hurdles still remain

Tuomas Iso-Markku & Niklas Helwig


Middle Eastern Terror in Flux: Mosul after Daesh, Daesh after Raqqa

Wolfgang Mühlberger & Olli Ruohomäki


Xi Jinping at Mid-term and Beyond: What lies ahead for China during the incumbent leader’s second term?

Jyrki Kallio


Turkish Troops in Syria: Is it all about the Kurds from now on?

Toni Alaranta



FIIA Comments

Russia’s New Information Security Doctrine: Guarding a besieged cyber fortress

Katri Pynnöniemi & Martti J. Kari



The One China policy and Taiwan: Trump is playing with fire next to a powder keg

Jyrki Kallio


Europe should remain steadfast on Ukraine: The collapse of the Western consensus would condone aggression and further erode the European security order

Kristi Raik


America Searching for Respect: The flawed logic of Donald Trump’s foreign policy

Ville Sinkkonen


Astana’s Syria Conference: Musical chairs on Moscow’s terms

Wolfgang Mühlberger


One Year after the Sanctions: Is Europe ready for the Belarus crisis?

Arkady Moshes & Ryhor Nizhnikau