Recent publications from IEP, Autumn 2016

IEP“Yearbook of European Integration 2016” will be published in December

The “Yearbook on European Integration 2016” will be published in December 2016, in times of multiple crises as well as growing Euroscepticism and populism in Europe. A special focus of this year’s edition will be on the exit of Great Britain from the EU and tendencies of re-nationalisation and also on the unprecedented challenge that is the current migration crisis. The yearly guest editorial is written by Simon Bulmer and William Paterson, members of the scientific directorate of the IEP, who analyse “Germany’s role in the handling of the European monetary and refugee crisis”.

Three questions – three answers: Constanze Aka on Deutsche Welle Ukraine

Constanze Aka, Project Manager at the Institute for European Politics (IEP), gave an interview to Deutsche Welle Ukraine. In the video clip, Constanze gives three answers to three questions about the resignation of Khatia Dekanoidze who served as Chief of the Ukrainian National Police until 16 November 2016.

The Illusionary Giant of German Politics: The AfD? (TruLies Blog by Timo Lochocki)

Despite the recent successes of the right wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), could it turn out to be but an illusionary giant? In his contribution to the TruLies Blog, Timo Lochocki names four reasons why the AfD’s polling might collapse over the next year. Lochocki sees striking vulnerabilities that might substantially decrease popular support until Germany’s federal election in September 2017.