Recent publications from the Finnish Institute for International Affairs, Autumn 2016


Juha Pyykönen: Nordic Partners of NATO: How similar are Finland and Sweden within NATO cooperation?

Mika Aaltola, Christian Fjäder, Eeva Innola, Juha Käpylä, Harri Mikkola: Huoltovarmuus muutoksessa: Kansallisen varautumisen haasteet kansainvälisessä toimintaympäristössä

FIIA Analysis

Katja Creutz: International Law under Pressure: Continued relevance in times of hardship

Working Paper

Veera Laine: State-led Nationalism in Today’s Russia: Uniting the people with conservative values?

Finnish Foreign Policy Paper

Toivo Martikainen, Katri Pynnöniemi, Sinikukka Saari: Neighbouring an Unpredictable Russia: Implications for Finland

Briefing Paper

Olli Ruohomäki: Afghanistan’s Uncertain Future: Fragmented realities and geopolitical fault lines

Teija Tiilikainen: Brexit’s Impact on the EU Institutions: Immediate implications and possibilities for reform

Mika Aaltola, Mariita Mattiisen: Election Hacking in Democracies: The example of the U.S. 2016 elections

Kirill Rogov: Russia’s 2016 Duma Elections: Ambiguous triumph and new challenges for the regime

Tuomas Iso-Markku: The Role of the European Parliament: Between external and internal challenges

Charly Salonius-Pasternak: The Future of US-Europe Relations: Institutional constraints and public opinion may render changes smaller than expected

Ryhor Nizhnikau, Arkady Moshes: Three Years after Euromaidan: Is Ukraine Still on the Reform Track?

FIIA Comments

Marco Siddi: EU energy policy: After the failed coup in Turkey, the EU should strengthen its energy independence and cut fossil fuel purchases from authoritarian regimes

Leo Michel: Bilateral defence treaties with the United States: Not an alternative to NATO

Wolfgang Mühlberger: No endgame in Syria: why truces are impracticable and peace negotiations challenging

Katja Creutz: A new Secretary-General for the United Nations: Fair selection more than window dressing

Ryhor Nizhnikau: Parliamentary elections in Georgia: Stability preserved, but reforms needed

Bart Gaens: The US in the Asia-Pacific: Continuing rebalance towards a region in flux

Ryhor Nizhnikau: Presidential elections in Moldova: A sad end to a once promising story

Marco Siddi: Italy’s upcoming referendum: No need to panic