Recent publications from the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) – Summer 2016



Toivo Martikainen, Katri Pynnöniemi, Sinikukka Saari & Ulkopoliittisen instituutin työryhmä: Venäjän muuttuva rooli Suomen lähialueilla


Kristi Raik & Sinikukka Saari (eds.): Key Actors in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood: Competing perspectives on geostrategic tensions

Kristi Raik

Briefing Papers

Michael Haltzel: What’s Going on in the USA? Explaining the Trump phenomenon

Michael Haltzel

Mikael Wigell: China’s Advance in Latin America: Geostrategic Implications for Europe, the US, and the Region Itself

Mikael Wigell

Mika Aaltola: Cyber Attacks Go Beyond Espionage: The Strategic Logic of State-sponsored Cyber Operations in the Nordic-Baltic Region

Mika Aaltola

Toni Alaranta: The EU-Turkey Stalemate: Detecting the Root Causes of the Dysfunctional Relationship

Toni Alaranta

FIIA Comments

Arkady Moshes: Moscow’s European project is closed: “We need Russia” pleas will meet no response

Arkady Moshes & András Rácz: Ukraine, 25 years of independence: a strong nation deserves an effective state

Niklas Helwig & Tuomas Iso-Markku: A more self-assured Germany: the new white paper highlights Germany’s readiness to bolster European security and defence