Recent publications from the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) Zagreb – Summer 2016


IRMO researchers have published a new book: Hrvoje Butković and Višnja Samardžija in cooperation with Ivana Skazlić and Ivana Čavar, Nonstandard work in Croatia: Challenges and perspectives in selected sectors, Zagreb: IRMO, 2016. The book addresses the topic of nonstandard work which has not been sufficiently researched in Croatia. The focuses is on the strategies of Croatian social partners in the sectors of construction, metal industry, retail trade, public healthcare and agency work concerning regulation of nonstandard forms of work such as: fixed-term work, part-time work, self-employment etc. It describes efforts of the social partners to regulate the appearance and spread of the nonstandard work through collective agreements or other conventions. The research was carried out within the project ‛PRECARIR – The rise of the dual labour market: fighting precarious employment in the new member states through industrial relations’ financed by the European Commission, DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, and implemented between December 2014 and September 2016.

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