Recent publications from the Institute for World Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Spring/summer 2016



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András György Deák (ed.), The end of an era in Eurasia?: Conflict in Eastern Ukraine and economic downturn in the post-Soviet space – In memoriam Zsuzsa Ludvig Budapest: Institute of World Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2015. The beloved colleague and experienced senior researcher of the post-Soviet region died 29th October 2014. (East European Studies; 6.) (ISBN:978-963-301-627-5)

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(Ágnes Szunomár ed.: Eurasia in the 21st century – in the mirror of capital investments)

Csaba Weiner, Kálmán Kalota, Andrea Éltető, Magdolna Sass, Rossiiskie investicii v Visegradskih stranah: kladbishse teorii (Российские инвестиции в Вишеградских странах: кладбище теорий) In: Sovremennaa Evropa (Современная Европа), Vol. 16. No. 6. pp. 60–76


IWE Working Papers:


Csaba Weiner: Central and East European diversification under new gas market conditions, Budapest, IWE CERS HAS, February 2016, Working Paper series No.221, p 79.