Recent publications from the Institute of International Affairs (IIA) at University of Iceland – Winter 2015/16

IIA Iceland A new textbook on European Affairs available in bookstores

At the turn of the year, the Institute of International Affairs and the Centre for Small University of Iceland 2State Studies at the University of Iceland published a new textbook on European Integration and Iceland’s participation in the European project, primarily written for senior high-school students and undergraduates at the university level. The book promotes a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the European project and is the first textbook on the topic available in Icelandic. Furthermore, it addresses a shortage of teaching material in Icelandic on the European integration. The new textbook is now available in bookstores in Iceland. The textbook is partly funded by a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence grant and written by a well-qualified group of experts on European integration including Baldur Thorhallsson, Professor of Political Science and Research Director for the Centre for Small State Studies, and Alyson Bailes, Adjunct Professor at the University of Iceland