Recent publications from the Prague Institute of International Relations (IIR) – Spring/summer 2016



The Centre for International Law of the Institute of International Relations, Prague, has released a series of observations entitled “The International Law Reflections.” These observations illustrate the current and pressing issues in international law to the Czech general public.

Tamás Lattmann, Judgment in the Savchenko case, New International Law Reflections

Judgment in the Savchenko caseDebated judgment by a dubious judicial forum in a murky legal environment. The current analysis tries to shed some light to some of the legal questions, without examining the charges on their merits.

The publication is available here.

Tamás Lattmann, The case against Russia for the attack on flight MH17, New International Law Reflections

According to the news, a new legal proceeding has been initiated against Russia and its president Vladimir Putin for the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in the airspace of Ukraine on 17 July 2014. The present analysis by Tamás Lattmann examines the outlines of the case.

The publication is available here.