WATCH: Recommendations from members of the TEPSA network to the French Presidency

Prior to the regular TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conferences, TEPSA has a tradition of formulating recommendations to present to the incoming Council Presidency. At the French Pre-Presidency Conference which took place on 9-10 December, TEPSA released key recommendations to the incoming French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

These recommendations are formulated by experts from the TEPSA network, without necessarily representing the views of TEPSA or its Member Institutes. They were presented to the incoming French Council Presidency on the occasion of the TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference on 9-10 December 2021, held in Paris, France.


  • How to Europeanize the French Presidency?, by Nicoletta Pirozzi (Istituto Affari Internazionali); Funda Tekin (Institut für Europäische Politik); Ilke Toygür (Real Instituto Elcano).
  • Strategic Compass: Petals worth adding to its rose, by Serafine Dinkel, Roderick Parkes and Florence Schimmel (German Council on Foreign Relations).
  • What fiscal rule is optimal depends on the existence of a central fiscal capacity, by Francesco Saraceno (Sciences Po OFCE).
  • The EU needs to implement swiftly the “Fit for 55” agenda to tackle the climate crisis, by Marco Siddi (Finnish Institute of International Affairs).
  • The broader Mediterranean Agenda: Inclusivity, Strategic Autonomy and Social Agenda, by Eduard Soler i Lecha, Elisa Menéndez López and Héctor Sánchez Margalef (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs).

Recommendations from members of the
TEPSA Network to the French Presidency

The introduction to these recommendations have been summarised by the TEPSA Recommendations team and published as an opinion article in EUObserver. You can read the op-ed here.