EVENT CANCELLED Conference ”Bridge Over Troubled Water: Researching & Teaching EU-Turkey Relations”, Brussels 12 March 2020


VIADUCT – Enhancing VIsibility of the Academic DialogUe on EU-Turkey CooperaTion consortium partners TEPSA and CETEUS have the honour to invite you to the VIADUCT Final Conference:

”Bridge Over Troubled Water: Researching & Teaching EU-Turkey Relations”

12 March 2020

Fondation Universitaire, Rue D’Egmont 11, 1000 Brussels

See the conference agenda here.

The discussion will gather renowned scholars, think-tankers, policymakers, practitioners and civil society representatives from both Europe and Turkey, who will explore the current state and future outlook of the uneasy yet persisting relationship between the EU and Turkey.

Organised in the framework of the Erasmus+/Jean Monnet network “VIADUCT – Enhancing Visibility of the Academic Dialogue on EU-Turkey relations”, the conference aims at exploring innovative ways and new agendas for teaching and researching EU-Turkey relations. The roundtable discussion will be further complemented by a high-level keynote speech and the presentation of the VIADUCT Working Groups’ results, commented by political science scholars and legal academics. The event will also be an occasion to explore future projects, seminars, and broader research activities in this field.

Be part of the discussion, exchange your views, and listen to the findings of three years of research and teaching activities!

VIADUCT is a project aiming at creating an academic network linking universities and think-tanks from the EU, Turkey and the neighbourhood to build knowledge on EU-Turkey Cooperation. VIADUCT gathers a network of 40 partners and one extended network partner from all EU countries, Turkey as well as from Egypt, Georgia, Iceland, Iraq, Israel, Norway, and Switzerland.

Online registrations

Attendance to the event is free of charge, and you can register on the spot.

Please note that no travel or accommodation costs can be reimbursed.