“Regulation of tourist rental platforms and post-pandemic strategies to reintroduce tourist apartments into the housing market”, Mariona Segú and Carles Mascarell (CIDOB, Barcelona)

In recent years, rising housing prices have made access to rentals more difficult in many European cities. The growing presence of digital platforms offering short-term tourist rentals, has had a major impact in this regard. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a drastic halt to this activity and some cities have taken this as an opportunity to reconvert tourist rentals into residential rentals. This report identifies these measures and brings together the different local strategies for regulating short-term rentals. It also examines the main elements of the new European Union regulatory framework, the Digital Services Act, which could contribute towards better regulation and management of this sector. The study includes the most important conclusions from a closed-door seminar with representatives from different European cities belonging to the Eurocities network.

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