Report on Open Debates on the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Society (CIR, Slovenia)

Artificial intelligence is integrated in many aspects of our lives – from industrial processes, manufacturing, military technologies, to our everyday. Although we interact with artificial intelligence on a daily basis, we do not necessarily understand it.

Questions, such as how artificial intelligence works, what its influences in natural and social sciences are and what its positive and negative aspects include often remain unanswered for individuals. In order to bridge this gap, a series of Friday discussions on artificial intelligence have been introduced by Nina Pejič, a junior researcher at the Centre of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, and a PhD student. The series aims to bring together different stakeholders engaged in the topic of artificial intelligence not through lectures, but through open public debates within the East Asia Resource Library.

The discussions with experts are moderated and fully guided by students, and the audience is encouraged to actively participate not only through questions, but also ideas and opinions.

You can read more about the series here.