Research areas

Citizens’ Europe

Citizens’ Europe is a key research area for TEPSA.

TEPSA conducts a large number of activities aiming to promote a better understanding of ‘EU policies and politics’ among the large public. The Brussels Secretariat and the member institutes contribute to this goal through its research activities, seminars, workshops and public debates.

TEPSA benefits from the Commission’s support in the framework of the “Europe for Citizen’s” program. This allows the implementation of projects aiming to strengthen the links between Brussels institutions and citizens.

The role of citizens in the further development of the European Project has been widely recognized. Fostering active participation, ensuring a better understanding of the functioning of the EU and bridging the distance between civil society and decision makers is therefore a key aspect of TEPSA’s work.

As Jean Monnet said “We are not uniting people, we are uniting human beings”.

Democratic and effective institutions

Democratic and effective institutions are essential for the good governance of the EU. Taking account of the current institutional set up, its specificities and shortcomings, TEPSA encourages research and public debate in this area. The network of TEPSA researchers conducts policy analyses, organizes public debates and prepares reports on a wide range of subjects in the field of EU governance.

TEPSA secretariat organizes regularly talks and discussions with the aim to bring the current debate in this area closer to the citizens. These events, organised in the framework of TEPSA Friends activities, attract academics, practioners and active citizens contributing therefore to a European-wide debate.

The External Action of the EU

Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy

EU external Action is a broad research area involving different policies implemented in various regions of the world. Members of the TEPSA network are specialized in a variety of aspects of the EU external action, including as well the institutional framework.


EU Enlargement and EU Neighbourhood policy are the two main areas of research in the field of the EU External Action. Research by the members of the TEPSA network focuses on EU relations with South Eastern Europe and countries of the ENP. Conferences and workshops are regularly organised in order to disseminate the findings and share knowledge.

The Economic and Monetary Union

The practical implications of a common currency, both for the citizens of the European Union and for the world markets, have been analyzed in various TEPSA’s research projects. Sensitive issues such as member states’ compliance with the Stability and Growth Pact and the Open Method of Coordination in the areas of employment, social policy and fiscal policy are our research priorities.

TEPSA is open to suggestions for new research projects in this area.