Researchers of Institute of International Relations and Political Science are analysing COVID-19 crisis management (IIRPS, Lithuania)

COVID-19 infectious disease caused a complex crisis all over the world. For the management of it, quarantine and an emergency situation were declared in Lithuania. Using insights from the EU integration, public policy and administration, and other disciplines, researchers team of Institute of International Relations and Political Science (Vilnius University), led by prof. Vitalis Nakrošis is conducting a research project on the response of EU member states to the COVID-19 pandemic, the adequacy and effectiveness of public policy measures and the emergency management process in Lithuania. The analysis will allow assessing the governance of the Lithuanian authorities and their response to rapidly changing situation, the use of opportunities for cooperation with stakeholders, and other lessons learned. In order to properly prepare for possible systemic threats and increase the resilience of Lithuanian authorities, an optimal public governance model with recommendations for the management of similar crises in the future will be developed. The project has received funding from the Research Council of Lithuania.