“Resilience Is Dead. Long Live Resilience?”, Elena A. Korosteleva and Irina Petrova (IAI, Italy)

Resilience has recently emerged as a possible solution to address the increasing dysfunctionality of national and global governance, strengthening its ability to deal with the frequenting crises and the adversity of VUCA – the more vulnerable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – world around us. Resilience was seen to offer a more “flexible and responsive approach” to manage uncertainty by local means, which should empower and bring greater sustainability to locally-vested communities. And yet, as David Chandler contends in the same piece, the Coronavirus pandemic has starkly exposed resilience’s inner contradiction: the inherent irrationality and weakness of people seeking to solve problems at their source, thus paradoxically requiring more regulation, and central control to deal with the crisis.

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