Roundtable: “CAF and Supreme Audit Institutions: Enhancing integrity in public sector”, September 15 (EIPA, Maastricht)

Public sector entities face increasing budgetary and operational pressures and the need for effective use of resources at a time of multiple and complex pressures. Auditors need to give assurance that public sector entities are responding to these challenges effectively and by doing so can enhance citizens’ trust in government at a time when it is being increasingly questioned.

Public sector audit therefore needs to be forward looking as well as backward looking and change its approach to audit including broadening their skill set to make use of emerging technologies.

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) developed by the EUPAN network with the support of the CAF National Correspondents and EIPA,  has the potential to help for Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) to meet these challenges by bringing about culture change and more effective operational processes.

During this session we will look into how the auditors can better target resources and be better skilled in assessing what to audit as well as how to audit.

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