“Russian Energy and Grand Strategy”, Jakub Godzimirski (NUPI, Norway)

Russia ranks as the top global exporter of energy, the third-biggest global producer and the fourth-biggest consumer of energy and emitter of greenhouse gases. In 2018 Russia’s total energy production reached 1484.1 mtoe: third place in the global ranking of energy producers, behind China and the USA. In 2019 Russia was the second-largest global producer of oil, behind the USA, producing 560 mtoe, or 12.7% of global production, and the second-biggest exporter of oil behind the Saudi Arabia, exporting 260 mtoe of oil. Moreover, in the same year, Russia was the second-biggest  global producer of natural gas, with production reaching 750 bcm, exceeded only by the USA, and was the number one global exporter of gas, exporting 265 bcm. In coal production Russia occupied sixth position behind China, India, the USA, Indonesia and Australia, producing 418 mt of this commodity, and was ranked third on the list of coal exporters, exporting 189 mt. Altogether, Russia’s net export of energy reached 701.3 mtoe, making it the number one global exporter of energy resources. To meet its domestic energy needs, Russia consumed 759.3 mtoe of energy.

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