Sciences Po is looking for a Research Assistant for the FAIRETHMIGQUANT Project (Sciences Po, France)

Sciences Po are seeking to appoint a Research Assistant to work with Prof Laura Morales (the Principal Investigator, PI) in the project “Making Ethnic and Migrant Minority Survey Data FAIR (FAIRETHMIGQUANT)”, grant number ANR-19-DATA-0004-0, of the Flash call programme DONNEES funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

FAIRETHMIGQUANT is a pilot project jointly undertaken by CEE, INED and CDSP in collaboration with GESIS and other French and European organisations, and in close cooperation with the H2020 project SSHOC and the COST Action 16111 ETHMIGSURVEYDATA.

The team led by Prof Morales at CEE will coordinate this project, as well as take care of the coordination of the collaboration with ETHMIGSURVEYDATA and SSHOC, in order to:

(1) Include French surveys on Ethnic and Migrant Minority (EMM) integration into a metadata registry being developed through ETHMIGSURVEYDATA,

(2) Conduct a French pilot for building an EMM component of the CESSDA-led European Question Bank (EQB),

(3) Leverage the lessons learned from the pilot to scale up the EMM component of the EQB to other surveys compiled by ETHMIGSURVEYDATA in 9 other European countries, and

(4) Foster strategic and durable relationships between French user communities and data service providers in France and Europe, so they can jointly contribute to France’s participation in the open science movement.

The appointed Research Assistant will thus join a large French and international team of experts from all across Europe on the integration of EMMs and on survey research and will have the chance to work on a research project that will break new ground in these fields. This is, thus, a unique opportunity to build a career in survey research focusing on this specific sub-population.

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